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    The power of reaching out strengthens
    the brand image. In this way
    the brand status is being built
  • 25
    millions of people watched advertising spots emitted on television and on the Internet


the mission to be performed

Production of the first TV commercial for a leader of real estate development and guaranteeing its emission in the most popular TV channels, VoD services and the Internet.


the ninja’s strategy

Creating an idea of presenting an apartment as a place where positive emotions are experienced and an area where everyone can feel free and at ease.

Comprehensive creating of advertisement including writing a screenplay, casting of actors, selection of the best makers (a director, a stage designer, a camera man).

Production of a series of spots of different length: 45 s, 30 s and 15 s dedicated to particular media.

Giving the narrative role of the story to Magdalena Rożyczka, one of the most popular Polish actresses.

Purchasing of media and emission of the commercial spots in the following TV channel: TVN, TVN24, Comedy Central, VoD Player.pl and on YouTube.


the mission’s effect

Enhancing the brand image of our friend in business whose TV commercial was watched by 25 millions of TV viewers.

Increased number of enquiries and contacts with their sales offices by 60%.

A number of media publications concerning the advertising campaign exceeded 100 articles in the press and on the Internet.